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The Australian Government research Institute, NHMRC, made headlines with their 2015 report declaring Homeopathy to be ineffective for any condition. What NHMRC never told anyone was that the report they published was not their original findings. It was a SECOND attempt. The FIRST report they produced was completely buried. Then they did the whole thing again and published the SECOND report.

Join the growing number of people around the world calling for the NHMRC to release the FIRST report. Full story.


People around the world are calling for the release of the first report

NHMRC’s report on Homeopathy is being used worldwide as scientific proof that homeopathy doesn’t work.

The public has a right to see what result they got the FIRST time.

Australian NHMRC under scrutiny

IMPORTANT questions asked in the Senate of the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) over the 2012-2015 review of the evidence on homeopathy (the Homeopathy Review) have not been accurately or fully answered and in some cases not answered at all. Senator...

UK CCG funding decision on homeopathy

By removing homeopathic referrals to the Portland Centre for Integrated Medicine (PCIM), Bristol CCG demonstrates a lack of sound decision making because this change will not help improve patient health or balance their books.

#ReleaseTheFirstReport Petition Reaches 10,000 Signatures

The campaign to call on the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council has now attracted over 10,000 signatures from over 90 different countries, at the same time as the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s investigation of the NHMRC’s conduct enters its THIRD year.