Nobel prize-winning scientists to speak in London

Nobel prize-winning scientists to speak in London

World renowned virologist and Nobel laureate Prof Luc Montagnier will be among a number of scientists attending an international seminar in London to discuss the latest groundbreaking research into the properties of water.

Professor Montagnier was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008 for discovering HIV. The French scientist has since become a leading authority in water research, and when interviewed in 2010 said: “High dilutions of something are not nothing, they are water structures which mimic the original molecules. It’s not pseudoscience. It’s not quackery. These are real phenomena which deserve further study.”

He will be revealing the results of his latest research at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on Saturday 14 July 2018. The seminar is open to the public and tickets cost £95.

Another Nobel prize-winner, Emeritus Prof Brian Josephson, Cambridge University, will also be speaking at the event. He has expressed support for Jacques Benveniste’s theory of the “memory of water”, which some believe could explain the method of action of homeopathic medicines.

Travelling from America is Honorary Prof Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington. Dr Pollack is a professor in bioengineering and an expert in water science who discovered the fourth phase of water known as EZ water.

Completing an impressive international line-up are two leading researchers from Russia – Prof Vladimir Voeikov and Prof Alexander Konovalov. Prof Voeikov is renowned in the field of physical and chemical properties of aqueous systems and their key role in the vital processes in living systems; while Prof Konovalov has conducted independent research on high dilutions that could provide a better scientific understanding of homeopathy.

An honorary dinner for the visiting scientists will take place at the House of Lords on Friday 13 July to which the public is also invited. Further details about attending the House of Lords dinner and the seminar are available at

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