Over 10,000 people from over 90 different countries have now signed the petition calling for the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council to release their FIRST report on Homeopathy. 

The #ReleaseTheFirstReport campaign has been publicly supported by Rachel Roberts (Chief Executive of the Homeopathy Research Institute, UK), Prof Aaron To (Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy) and Dr Gualberto Diaz (Research Advisor for the National Assembly of Homeopathy, Spain), with many more around the world coming forward to make their feelings known. 

The NHMRC’s handling of its review of Homeopathy has had an impact on patients all over the world. The bottom line is, a fundamentally flawed, biased report should not be allowed to continue to unjustly cause damage to an entire sector.

There is a growing body of evidence both to show homeopathy’s effectiveness in real-world scenarios and to support theories on its mechanism of action. Much of this evidence is simply ignored, which is in no small part attributable to the widespread inaccurate reporting of Homeopathy in the media – the Australian Report being a prime example. 

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